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Since its beginnings, the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières has distinguished itself by hosting various car series that highlight the power, finesse, control and also the new generation of this sport. The Grand Prix has also proven itself by the proximity it provides to the racing fans. In fact, during both weekends, access to the paddocks is open so that the public and the drivers can mingle in total simplicity.


For the 16th consecutive year, the big, loud and powerful cars of the NASCAR Pinty's Series will be in action on the GP3R street circuit. The 60 laps of GP3R has become the race that every driver wants to win, especially those from Quebec. Dumoulin, Tagliani, Lacroix, Camirand, Ranger, Dion-Viens and the others - pick your favorite and see how passionate the GP3R fans are in their support of their favorite.



Fans are always excited to see street cars as well as their everyday cars pushed to their absolute limit by professional drivers. With Ford Mustangs, Audi RS4's, Honda Civics and even Mercedes AMG's on the grid, there is something for everyone at these spectacular races, especially the traditional night race on Friday August 5th.



The one-design series features identical cars, where only the raw talent and skills of the driver make the difference. Great battles are guaranteed! The Nissan Sentra Cup is no exception and has become a showcase for up-and-coming drivers such as Valérie Limoges, Olivier Bedard and Kevin King.



These little 1.6 liter cars have been on track at GP3R for longer than any other series and mark an entire chapter in the event's history. Drivers from all over Canada and even the United States will be piloting these temperamental cars on our road course, where the concrete walls are unforgiving...



This series that was featured in our very first edition in 1967 has made a return for our 50th anniversary in 2019. Featuring cars we see on our roads every day like Mini Coopers, Honda Civics and Volkswagen Golfs, the three Super Production Challenge classes are an accessible gateway to the world of auto racing. As the only road racing series to offer a standing start, the SPC features homegrown drivers in cars you see everywhere.



Chevrolet modified cars are the cornerstone of North American motorsports. Typically running around dirt ovals across our continent, these wild single-seaters powered by roaring 5.7+ liter V8 Chevrolet engines are the stars of many Friday and Saturday night dirt programs. After a great first year, everyone is thirsty for the pure adrenaline of these powerful cars on the streets of our urban circuit.



These little cars, looking like legendary cars from the past that have been through the dryer one too many times, were a sight to behold for the fans who witnessed their demonstration. In fact, the drivers were so impressive in their mastery and discipline that the category has earned a place among the official GP3R classes. Their American cousins, the U.S. Legends Cars, were even invited to join the party.