On May 30 and 31, the Grand-Prix de Trois-Rivières team went to Saint-Narcisse to help plant over 850 trees! Under the leadership of Arbre-Évolution.

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Press release

From May 28 to 30, over 100 people came out to help Arbre-Évolution Coop and the municipality of Saint-Narcisse plant 861 trees. Three public areas of the community were reforested to offset the ecological footprint of the last two editions of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, as well as the Nutrite Experts Network.

Strong citizen mobilization

Since 2014, Arbre-Évolution has been piloting the Social Reforestation™ Program, an initiative designed to support participatory greening operations on public land thanks to the support of private partners. “The Saint-Narcisse project is proof that citizens are ready to put their shoulder to the wheel in order to respond to climate change. In addition, to the companies who donated money, we had an impressive number of volunteers throughout the project!" explains Marie-Christine Lee, project manager for Arbre-Évolution, who would also like to highlight the special involvement of city councillor Catherine Bourget. "We were visited by children from the CPE, students from 2 elementary school classes (we only have one school on our territory), members of the embellishment committee, the Women's Federation for World Peace, and even employees of the Grand Prix...I'm pleasantly surprised! 885 trees planted in a municipality of 1,887 inhabitants, I'm really satisfied," explains Ms. Bourget, who was also supported by the municipal council and employees.

A Co2 offsetting operation

Thanks to the application of its offsetting protocol and its validation by Coop Carbone, the Social Reforestation Program™ is able to offer a GHG offsetting service for various Quebec companies. This is the case for the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières, which has been doing business with Arbre-Évolution for over 3 years. "Offsetting our emissions is great, but we especially like to support efforts that raise public awareness. The Grand Prix is currently rolling out its GHG reduction strategy, and it's important to us that we're all moving in the same direction!" says Dominic Fugère, General Manager of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. For Réseau d'Experts and its Nutrite Gauthier Fleurs et Jardins franchise based in Trois-Rivières, the Saint-Narcisse plantation will offset 70 tonnes of Co2 equivalents over the next few years. More than 114 tonnes are attributable to the Trois-Rivières Grand Prix. 

Planting for the community

The planting project involved the planting of a new 800-tree forest near the aerated ponds, as well as the greening of recreational facilities near the community center and elementary school. 24 larger-calibre trees were planted in this area, and a further 61 were planted at the soccer field. A total of 65 larger trees have been planted in this area. "In addition to re-creating biodiversity zones, the planting will serve to fight heat islands, increase shade points and beautify municipal infrastructures. On behalf of the municipality of Saint-Narcisse, I would like to thank Arbre-Évolution for their brilliant work, all the volunteers who contributed and the financial partners for their significant support," concludes Ms. Bourget.


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