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Trois-Rivières, lAugust 1st 2023 - Le Grand-Prix of Trois-Rivières, a pioneer in sustainable development in the world of motorsports and events with its GP3Vert integrated environmental program, proudly announces its collaboration with Evirum, an innovative company specializing in the eco-responsible waste management. This strategic alliance aims to reinforce their shared commitment to the environment while demonstrating the tangible economic benefits that sustainable development brings.

Underway since 2017, the GP3vert program, has since established itself as a leader in sustainable development in the event management and motorsports industry. Through this program, GP3R strives to reduce its impact on the environment and promote responsible practices. Through this partnership with Evirum, GP3R will continue to progress and improve towards even more sustainable performance and a greener future.

« Thanks to our GP3Vert program, we are able not only to improve our practices, but also to raise awareness among a public that is sometimes harder to reach when it comes to communicating innovations in eco-responsibility, sustainable development and energy transition », explained Dominic Fugère, General Manager of GP3R.





Evirum, recognized for its expertise in ecological waste management, has developed innovative solutions to help preserve the environment, and offers a complete range of waste management solutions. This dynamic company has been offered a unique opportunity to showcase its skills to a wider audience, thanks to this collaboration with GP3R, which includes an on-track display and the presence of two cars in the NASCAR Pintys Series event, driven by reigning GP3R champion Alex Guénette and rookie emeritus Thomas Nepveu.


 « Evirum is proud to be associated with the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières and to contribute its expertise in eco-responsible waste management. In recent years, the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières has become a leader in sustainable development in the world of motor racing. Our participation in the GP3Vert environmental program, aimed at reducing the events ecological footprint, demonstrates the GP3R commitment to continuous improvement when it comes to sustainable development », says Evirum president Julien Remillard.

The GP3R will be able to benefit from Evirums expertise in the responsible management of its waste, while Evirum will be able to take advantage of the GP3Rs notoriety and extensive media exposure. Evirum will also directly assist the GP3R in the management of its residual materials by improving collections at the source, notably through customized sorting islands.