Grand Prix Trois-Rivières - Testimonies
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" For me, The Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières is  bug part of my life since i was young. I remember when i was 7 year old, when , for the first time i shake  Jean-François Dumoulin hands, a champion, that without a doubt gave me his passion for racing. The GP3R is more than just a racing event, is a family that came back every year, it's like a big christmas party in the middle of the summer.  A passion that is never gonna stop growing for me ,my first time at the GP3R, I remember it just like it was yesterday.…"


"The wheelchar section at the GP3R is absolutly amazing. Just in front of the Ryan bleachers, you can seee the las 3 turns and the excitment is always there. The employees and the volunteers are welcoming and guide us at our section ( If theres one to be) and the amentities ( Food stands, restroom, beer, police) are close). An experience that you have to live once in your life !"


"My summer wouldn't be complete without the  Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières, the GP3R is not only those fast races that gives us the chills, and that with the loud noice you can't even talk to someone, its also the race car expositions, the fact that sometimes you can get in a race car and take pictures , the autographs session with the racers , the people, the fireworks and the amazing experience that I will never forget and that I can even describe with words!"


"I went at the GP3R in 2008 & 2009 and everytime the wheater was there. I went either by myself , buying my tickets on the site, going stands to stands to enjoy the track and its challenge then in the SAQ lodges where the luxury is always there and where all your need in food and drinks are  filled. I'll be there in 2010 for sure !"


"Hello, I think that the GP3R is the event of the summer in Mauricie for me and my son. It become a tradition for us and I think that since 2 years the Canadian NASCAR series gives us an excellent show and finaly I wish with all my heart that the GP3R stays here for a long time ."


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