Grand Prix Trois-Rivières - Restricted mobility access
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Restricted mobility access
Restricted mobility access


Rallycross Week-end (August 6-7)

2 parking lots are offered depending on where you want to watch the races:

"Paddock parking". This parking lot is located on site, behind the Jean-Claude Mongrain arena. You can access this parking lot entering via De Calonne Street. From this parking lot, you can access the whole site including the paddock area. To watch races, you have to get to the end of the Villeneuve Grandstand, where we have a reserved and adapted area for you.

"Salon de Jeux Parking". This parking lot is located in the regular parking lot of the Salon de Jeux of Trois-Rivières. You can access it via Des Forges Boulevard. From this parking lot, you have access to the Hippodrome area, directly in front of the dirt track. But from there, you do not have access to the paddocks.

NASCAR Week-end (August 12-13-14)

2 parking lots are available (depending if you want to be inside the enclosed site or not):

"Police station parking lot". As the name indicates, located in front of the police station on Des Forges Boulevard, this parking lot gives access to a restricted and adapted area in the Ryan Corner. It is directly off the corner of Papineau Street and Des Forges. You can arrive and leave as wanted.

"St-Sacrement Church Parking lot" with shuttle. Located behind the St-Sacrement Church (1825 St-Louis Boulevard), this parking lot gives access to the shuttle bus that will take you inside the enclosed site of the GP3R. This shuttle is scheduled at specific time depending of the races schedule.

Shuttle schedule TBA as we get closer to the event

INFO-SHUTTLE : 819-693-7911 (during event only)



Rallycross Week-end (August 6-7)

2 Grandstands are available:

Located next to Villeneuve Grandstand, there is a platform reserved and adapted for you. If you get into the site and want to watch the races from this spot, you have to be aware that you have to cross the paddock area. You will have access to the paddock and the whole site but there are often many people so it can be harder to get to your place.

In the Hippodrome building. Directly inside the hippodrome building with some facilities, this indoor grandstand is permanent. You also have access to an outside terrace. From this area, you can’t have access the paddock area, but it gives you a direct view on the dirt track.

NASCAR Week-end (August 12-13-14)

2 reserved and adapted areas are available:

Ryan adapted Grandstand. Located on the corner of Papineau Street and Boul Des Forges, this area gives a good view of the last corners before the finish line. There are a bar and food concession, but it does not allow you to get into the paddock area. You can have access to this place all day long, whenever you want to arrive.

Villeneuve adapted Grandstand. Located next to the Villeneuve Grandstand, this place is located directly in the paddock area. From this location, you can have access to the whole site. You have to be aware that the site is enclosed during races. We have a scheduled shuttle that can take you inside of the enclosed site, but you can’t enter and exit as you wish. You have to check for the schedule. It can also get hard to move inside the paddock depending on the size of the crowd.