Grand Prix Trois-Rivières - Organism Support


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Organism Support

The mutual-aid and the determination to participate to the social development of the region are part of the fundamental values of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres. We have this implication right to the heart and it is why we dispose of a program for different organisms of the region. This program includes 2 principal sectors that the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres dedicates a lot of attention. 

The first sector includes the sponsorship of fund-raising events manage by community organisms and people wishing to achieve a sporting feat. The Grand Prix de Trois-Rivieres offers to these organisms gift-certificates that give the opportunity to come to a race weekend. These gift-certificates are given with a draw or a put to the auction depending of the fundraising event. 

The second sector of the program of support includes the organisation of a visit by child who are affected of an engrave disease in the region. This incredible opportunity to see races of high calibre contributes to put more joy in their everyday life.  A visit to the hospital by known drivers is also a part of this sector. This sector is realised in partnership with the CHRTR.