Grand Prix Trois-Rivières - Striking events


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The grand prix
Striking events

1967 : Motor sports passionates, members from the Club Autosport Mauricien successfully holds races on the 1.4 miles road circuit in the streets of Trois-Rivières. The unique event is then called ­"Compétitions Labatt Trois-Rivières".

1969 : Molson becomes the principal sponsor of the event, changing it's name for " Grand Prix Molson". Powerfull Formula "A" cars from Gulf Canada Cup, practically as fast as Formula 1, runs for the first time on the Trois-Rivières circuit.

1973 : Gilles Villeneuve's first participation in Trois-Rivières ends with a stricking victory in Formula Tour 1600. The world-class driver Jean-Pierre Jaussaud also takes part in the Formula "B" race. The circuit is now 1.5 miles long.

1974 : The spectacular and sophisticated Formula Atlantic, run by recognized pilots, becomes a must and allows Trois-Rivières to take an international dimension.

1976 : Gilles Villeneuve amazes once again the visitors with another victory in Atlantic Championship. The popular Trans-Am series also impresse with Georges Follmer's victiory.

1977 : The beginning of the Can-Am Series with super powerful cars gives the audience thrills and chills.

1978 : The circuit is extended from 1.5 to 2.1 miles, including a "M" shaped section that gives cars an opportunity to show their power.

1981 : Jacques Villeneuve follows it's brother Gilles Villeneuve' footsteps and wins his first Formula Atlantic race.

1982 : The Grand Prix loses its former general director who was in post from 1975 to 1982, Yvon Simard. Labatt also becomes the main sponsor.

1983 : The rising star Michael Andretti wins Formula Mondiale, a new serie combining the former Atlantic and Pacific Formula.

1984: This edition is marked by the return of the Formula Atlantic series after a year's absence despite the withdrawal of the famous Can-Am Series.

1986 à 1988 : Due to serious financial difficulties, the Grand Prix's direction decides to interrupt the event for 3 years.

1989 : The event's direction creates the "Association du sport motorisé de Trois-Rivières (A.S.M.T.R.)" that become the new organization crew. Five races are presented on a 1.5 miles track and Jacques Villeneuve Senior wins again.

1990 : The popular Trans-Am series is back at Trois-Rivières and offers one of a show. Player's company increased it's contribution to the Grand Prix becomnig the event's presenting sponsor.

1991 : We assist at the return of the Formula 1600 and the participation of Greg Moore, a 16 year old prodigy who becomes the youngest driver to run on the Trois-Rivières' circuit.  Player’s Limited keeps investing in the Grand Prix and becomes the official sponsor.

1992 : American Continental series is now part of the program. Jacques Villeneuve Jr. competes for the very first time in Trois-Rivières.

1994 : With Player's and it's management team, Léon Méthot becomes President and General Director. His professionalism ensures the Grand Prix's continuity. 

1998 : Molson breweries becomes the second major sponsor to present the event. Jacques Villeneuve Senior also races for the last time in Formula Atlantic.

1999 : Last Trans-Am's presence at the Grand Prix. This series was part of the race program since 1976.

2000 : Because of the new regulation, it's Player's last sponsored event. It will de replaced by Chrysler as main sponsor. This third sponsor brings a new serie: the Canadian Champcar Lights Championship.

2002 : A new major serie arrives in Trois-Rivières: the American Le Mans with it's four car categories. It's also the grand return for Trans-Am and World Challenge.

2003 : After the departure of Léon Méthot, a group of volunteers, with Trois-Rivières city support, create the Association du Sport Motorisé de la Mauricie (A.S.M.M.).

2004 : This new non-profit organization has set the goal of revive and ensure the survival of the oldest event presented on a street circuit. This 35th edition is presented by Coors Light and Tourisme Québec.

2005 : With it's new president, Joël St-Pierre, the executive committee works hard to bring back to the Grand Prix it's erstwhile success and importance. On the track, several series are presented including: Grand-Am, Honda Michelin Challenge, Formula 1600, Atlantic Formula and the new Star Mazda series.

2006 : This year, Star Mazda series presents a regular round of its championship. Marc-Antoine Camirand takes part in three different series and wins his 7th win on the Trois-Rivières' circuit. 

2007 : Toyota Pirelli cup presents a stunning race with limitlless action. Andrew Ranger loses his duel with Kerry Micks during the Nascar Canadian Tire series and end by an impressive smash after the finish line.

2008 : Formula Atlantic is back after a four year absence. Marc-Antoine Camirand's 8th win with his BMW M3 ties Jacques Bienvenue's previous record.

2009 : The pits are extended of 10 feets on a 800 feets distance to allow two traffic lanes. A second false line is also added and a new footbridge is installed over the start line. This 40th edition of the Grand Prix is a success and gives many ideas for future Grand Prix. That edition is also marqued by Trois-Rivières' 375th anniversary.

2010 : The 41th edition presents many new activities and shows at the main site and downtown Trois-Rivières. On track, Andrew Ranger wins his third win in three starts in Nascar Canadian Tire series while Marc-Antoine Camirand beats the first position record counting 9 climbs to the highest step of the podium.